Car Operational Leasing of Best

Operational leasing is a method in which a long term leasing arrangement is undertaken. The operational leasing method is intended primarily for companies and organizations seeking a convenient solution for the operation and leasing of vehicles for their employees. In this manner the companies unburden themselves from dealing with the whole issue of vehicles and purchasing new vehicles. The customer is entitled to purchase his preferred vehicle out of a broad range of models, as he sees fit.
The ownership of the vehicle throughout the leasing period remains in the hands of Best Car, with the client merely paying a monthly fee for vehicle usage.

Why should you choose our operational leasing of Best


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Client who select the operational leasing track will enjoy several advantages at their disposal:

Comfortable payment conditions

Yearly set payment to be determined at the initiation of the transaction.

Personal service

Best Car attaches a customer file manager which provides our clients with personalized, efficient and professional service throughout the leasing period.

Maintenance and care

Operational leasing customers benefit from ongoing care and maintenance of their vehicle.

24/7 service

The customer service call center is available for the client 24 hours around the clock, and provides rapid response in the event that the car is stuck and requires towing and extraction services.

Alternate vehicle

Best Car will provide to the customer an alternate vehicle should the leased vehicle undergo repairs or maintenance in a garage. The alternate vehicle will remain with the client until the regular vehicle is returned.